The Center used to provide an annual leadership training on ending men’s violence against women to fraternity leaders (i.e. president, vice president, pledge trainer, house manager, RA, etc.). We highly recommend you ask your Office of Sexual Assault and Relationship Abuse to do this. We have been asked by a lot of motivated fraternity dudes to give them some ideas for the rest of the year.

Eventually, you want all of the guys in your fraternity to have attended (at least) a 1.5 hour training (should really be over 3 hours) on sexual assault and relationship abuse and how to be an active bystander. Here is a possible programming schedule:

Make sure that the presenters are trained on sexual assault and relationship abuse. Contact your university program or MVP for help.

House Book: The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help
by Jackson Katz

  • Read as a house
  • Discuss a chapter every other week at house meeting

Member Checklists: Party Planning TipsRecruitment TipsDay to Day Tips

  • Review with the house
  • Ask for suggestions

Facebook and Email Campaign

Bathroom flyers: Rotate different topics monthly

Check out What Men Can Do to Stop Rape and Relationship Abuse for ideas.