Our mission is to educate communities, institutions and young leaders to take collective action against gender violence.

Tips to Take Action

Recognize the intersection of oppression and challenge sexism, racism, and heterosexism. Learn More
Teach the young people in your life that relationship abuse is unacceptable. Learn More
Plan a Human Resources training on relationship abuse in your workplace. Learn More
Hold perpetrators accountable. Don’t blame the person who is being abused. Learn More
Get guys involved in taking action. Ask them to take the pledge! Learn More
Tips to take action to end gender violence! Learn More

About the Center

Our website prioritizes prevention and awareness of relationship abuse and sexual assault by: Decreasing victim blaming so that professionals can be effective in supporting survivors seeking help and resources; increasing perpetrator (those who choose to harm) accountability through institutional and systemic change; supporting the future of the movement to end gender violence by empowering young leaders.

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