Be proactive with your pledges. Here’s a sample of what you can post on your fraternity’s Facebook page during your pledge orientation. Or you can send an email once a week for a month.

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  • Guys, did you know that 1 in 4 of your female friends will probably be the victims of rape or attempted rape while in college? Stand up against sexual assault. Find out how your fraternity can help end men’s violence against women:

  • Do you ever worry that your fraternity house may not be a safe place for women? You can make sure it is. Visit:

  • Guys, did you know that relationship abuse can be verbal, emotional, sexual, financial, and even technological? Learn more about how men can help end relationship abuse:

  • Are you a frat guy that respects women? Check this out:

Engage alumni in your efforts to end men’s violence against women by asking them to post on Facebook:

  • Were you in a fraternity? Send this to your chapter!