Become a Center Champion – raise $500 to help end relationship abuse! Here are some creative ways to multiply your impact by getting your friends and family involved in supporting the Center. Raise $500 or more and become a Center Champion! For more information or to host a fundraising event, please contact donate[at]

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Ten Campaign to End Relationship Abuse

Ask 10 friends to donate $10 to the Center, and encourage them to ask 10 of their friends. If 10 friends each donate $10, you will have raised $100. If each of their 10 friends gives $10, you will have raised $1000! Start a TEN Campaign!

  • Share the link to our donate page on facebook, twitter, and via email:
    Sample Post: “I am excited to invite you to join my TEN Campaign to End Relationship Abuse. Starting on January 10th, my goal is to raise $1,000 for the Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness ( by February 10th! Donate $10 today and ask 10 friends to donate $10. Donate here: Thank you!!”
  • Send out a campaign letter to friends and family. Include an addressed and stamped envelope.
  • Make it a challenge campaign. Tell people you’ll give $5 for every $10 they give, or will match every $10 gift up to ten gifts.
  • Let your friends know about all of our donation options: online, check via mail, stock donations, in kind donations, and donations in memory or in honor of others.

Fundraise at Work

  • Gift Matching: Ask your employer about gift matching and have every donation made by you and your coworkers matched!
  • In Kind Donations: Do you own or work for a grocery store? Cupcake shop? We are always seeking donations of food, drinks, and supplies for our events. Ask your local grocery store for a donation for the Center!

Host a Fundraising Event

  • Invite people to your birthday party and ask that in lieu of gifts they give money to your organization.
  • Are you a member of a SororityFraternitysports teamservice group, or another type of club? Get the whole team involved in hosting a pancake breakfast, car wash, movie screening, or other type of event. Sell tickets and donate the proceeds.
  • Ask 2-5 friends to help with a bake sale, book sale, or garage sale. You and your friends bake the goodies, or get the books or other stuff required for the sale, staff it, and help clean up afterwards.
  • Have a sidewalk sale or garage sale for your whole neighborhood or building. Go around to your neighbors and tell them you will take their stuff outside and sit with it all day to sell it if they will donate half or all of the proceeds to the Center.
  • Host a wine and cheese party. Do not charge admission and invite as many people as you can. During the party, give a 5 minute talk about the Center, and ask everyone to consider a gift of $25, $50, or $100 or more (depending on the crowd). Either pass out envelopes and ask people to give then, or after the party, contact everyone individually who came and ask for a major gift. Indicate that you have given, and if appropriate, how much you have given.
  • Check out 38 Ways to Raise 500 for more ideas!

Donate While Shopping Online

iGive: You can give The Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness up to 26% or more of each everyday purchase you made at no extra cost to you, when you sign up It’s free to join. Then, every time you shop the Mall at, we get a percentage of each purchase you make. The Mall at has over 600 nationally known online merchants like Barnes & Noble, Eddie Bauer, Lands’ End and PETsMART, your privacy guaranteed, plus money-saving deals and specials every day. Join now. Invite your friends to join iGive! Share this link on facebook:

Other Ideas

  • Ask friends who belong to service clubs, sororities, antique collecting groups, support groups, bridge clubs, etc. to discuss your organization in their group and pass the hat for donations. A once-a-year sweep of even small organizations can yield $100 from each.
  • Solicit small businesses, churches, synagogues, or service clubs for $500. If you are active in a church, or own your own business and are involved in business organizations or service clubs, this can be very effective. You can often raise $200-$500 with a simple proposal and oral presentation.
  • Teach a seminar on a topic you know: fundraising, knitting, organic gardening, organizing, proposal writing, environmental impact reports, gourmet cooking, dog grooming, starting your own business. Charge $20-50 per person, with a goal of 20-30 people. Either absorb the cost of promotion, or have enough participants to cover it.
  • Ask 5-10 people to save all their change for 3-5 months.
  • Check out 38 Ways to Raise 500 for more ideas!

Privacy Policy

It is the policy of the Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness not to sell, swap, exchange or trade names, email or mailing addresses, telephone numbers or any other donor or volunteer information with any other business or organization.

Tax Information

The Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. Our Federal Identification Number is 84-1693033. Your contributions are tax deductible; we will supply you with a receipt for tax purposes.

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