Develop A Safety Plan

Safety plans are intended to optimize victim/survivor safety at every stage.

  • Detail plans in case of dangerous situations or changes in the relationship, such as breaking up
  • Identify safe friends and safe places
  • Identify the essential items to take should one need or decide to leave home
  • Include information about local relationship abuse resources and legal rights
  • Build on what a survivor is already doing to survive

Survivors are the experts in their own situation and some of the information or suggested steps provided here may not be relevant to an individual survivor. The sample safety plans should be adapted as needed. In addition, it may be helpful to start this process with an advocate.

Safety plans should start from the assumption that an abuser is dangerous and try to help the survivor identify the circumstances under which the abuser typically becomes violent and how the abuser may react to help seeking strategies.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline has an interactive webpage to help you create a unique safety plan.