Taken from our Intern Program Manual

Best practices indicate the importance of requiring additional screening to assess defensiveness about discussing men’s violence against women, self-awareness regarding “rape culture” and motivation for joining. In some cases, these screening tools have identified perpetrators of gender-based violence who are applying in order to manipulate a partner. Therefore, additional screening of male candidates should be integrated into the interview process.

  • How do you handle questions like, “What about the men? They’re also abused…why aren’t we talking about that?”
  • What do you think of when you hear a friend say, “I know a guy who was falsely accused”?
  • What role do you feel men play in ending relationship abuse?
  • How do you think men can work to help make a difference in the field of DV
    prevention and awareness? What should the role of women be in this effort?
  • What motivates you personally in becoming involved in this kind of prevention & awareness work?
  • When an instance of assault or abuse occurs,where do you think the responsibility lies?
  • Is this for a community service requirement?
  • Have you ever been accused of domestic violence or sexual assault? Have you ever been charged with DV or SA?
  • What are types of controlling behavior?