California Partnership to End Violence Against Women (San Diego, CA): “Enhancing Leadership Programs for the Next Generation”

California Partnership to End Violence Against Women (Los Angeles, CA): “Progress Interrupted? Exposing the Rhetoric of the Anti-Feminist Backlash”

CALCASA Campus Institute (Washington, DC): “Colleague to Colleague: When Relationship Abuse Affects Our Co-Workers”

Child Abuse Prevention Center (San Mateo, CA): “Nature and Dynamics of Intimate Partner Violence”

Community Centers (Stanford, CA): “Guidelines to Respond to Relationship Abuse & Stalking”

Family Violence Prevention Fund: National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence (San Francisco, CA): “Intimate Partner Violence: A Guide for Health Care Providers”

Kaiser Permanente (Santa Clara County, CA): “Intimate Partner Violence: Screening and Clinical Management for Health Care Providers”

National Greenbook Initiative Summit (Jackson Hole, WY): “Practice Guidelines: Confidentiality, Information Sharing & Supportive Advocacy”

National Greenbook Initiative Summit (Jackson Hole, WY): “The Impact of Men’s and Fathers’ Rights Groups on Efforts to Address Domestic Violence and Child Welfare”

San Francisco Bar Association (San Francisco, CA): “Domestic Violence Issues in Family Case Law”

Santa Clara County Sherriff’s Department (Santa Clara, CA): “Dominant Aggressor Analysis”

Stanford Department of Human Resources (Stanford, CA): “The Workplace and Relationship Abuse: The Role of Human Resources”

Stanford Department of Public Safety (Stanford, CA): “Intimate Partner Violence on College Campuses: the Law Enforcement Response”

TC-TAT (San Mateo, CA): “Freedom from Violence: Preventing Violence Against Women with Disabilities Project”

Volunteer Legal Services Program for San Francisco Bar Association (San Francisco, CA): “Domestic Violence Training for Legal Professionals”

FEMGEN 138/238 Violence Against Women: Theory, Issues and Prevention
Stanford University, Program in Feminist Studies

Developed in 2006 and taught by Nicole Baran, Executive Director of the Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness. Course Description: 3-4 units, optional Service Learning component. Course offers an interdisciplinary feminist perspective on the causes of gender violence, addresses the multi-leveled approaches to ending gender violence, and explores the relationship between violence against women and other forms of oppression: racism, economic exploitation, heterosexism and social class. Framework examines institutional barriers maintaining gender violence in our culture and how solutions must address individual, community, political, legal, national and global dimensions. Students from every discipline, women and men, will apply theoretical perspectives to professional goals. The course content and controversies will be learned through literature, assignments, lectures, discussion and an optional (5 hour/week) service-learning component.

Young Men and Young Women’s Leadership Retreat 
Menlo Park, CA

Topics covered:

  • Engaging as an ally
  • Overcoming institutional challenges
  • Creating action plans
  • Becoming an active bystander
  • Addressing backlash
  • Engaging others in the movement
  • Networking
  • Self-care

8-hr Training | Awareness to Action Workshop: Ending Violence Against Women
Stanford University, Program in Feminist Studies

An educational opportunity for college students and staff to learn how to effectively address relationship abuse and gender issues in their community.

Topics include:

  • Dynamics of Relationship Abuse & Dating Violence
  • Abuser Accountability
  • How to Help a Friend
  • Campus-Specific Issues
  • Legal Issues
  • Safety Planning
  • Protocols
  • Same-Sex Abuse
  • Referrals & Resources
  • Dorm Programming

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