Economic Abuse

Economic Abuse
The following are common economically abusive behaviors:
  • Preventing you from having or keeping a job
  • Interfering with your efforts to maintain a job by sabotaging childcare, transportation, or other arrangements
  • Harassing you at work
  • Refusing to work
  • Not including you in family financial decisions
  • Not allowing you access to the family finances
  • Making you ask for money
  • Taking your money
  • Demanding an account of everything you buy
  • Controlling your access to financial information
  • Not allowing you to talk to others about money
  • Not allowing your name to be on accounts, which would allow you to build credit
  • Forcing you to put your name on accounts and then destroying your credit
  • Making fun of your financial contribution and saying it is not worth anything
  • Expecting you to behave in a certain way because you make less money or are not the “breadwinner”
  • Destroying or interfering with homework
  • Preventing you from learning English
  • Forcing you to work “illegally” when you do not have a work permit
  • Threatening to report you to INS or IRS if you work “under the table”
  • Taking the money your family back home was depending on you to send to them
  • Forcing you to sign papers in English that you do not understand i.e. court papers, IRS forms, immigration papers
  • Harassing you at the only job you can work at legally in the U.S., so that you lose that job and are forced to work “illegally”
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