Engaging Men

As a focus of our Next Generation: Engaging Young Leaders project, we worked to engage young men in the movement to end gender-based violence through our upcoming Young Men’s Leadership Retreat as well as through new resources on our website.

Violence Against Women Course

Every fall, the Center offered a course through the Program in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Stanford University entitled FEMGEN 138: “Violence Against Women: Theories, Issues, and Prevention”.

Student Presentations

Presentations to graduate students, dorms, sororities, fraternities, Resident Assistants, student groups, etc. Interested students were trained to provide workshops to their peers on their own campus as well as surrounding universities and colleges.

Outcomes of student presentations:

  • Increased awareness of the nature and dynamics of intimate partner violence and what constitutes abuse
  • Increased knowledge of available resources and tools to help friends, family and peers in unhealthy relationships
  • Increased opportunities to become leaders in their communities

Dorm Panel Presentations

Four to five student activists spoke in a moderated Q&A about the dynamics of relationship abuse. These panel presentations were made to student dorms and student groups.

Eight Hour Student Training

This eight-hour training to educate volunteers, student leaders, and Stanford student staff (including Resident Assistants and Course Assistants) on relationship abuse, its causes, and how to respond. The full-day training allowed trainers to go into more detail about how to identify abuse and prevent victim-blaming. We also discussed the criminal justice response. This training was provided twice a year, in the winter and spring.

Interns Ending Gender-Based Violence

The Center operated with between 5-20 student interns each quarter; 150 students completed our Leadership Intern Program. These students developed outreach programs for different groups on campus, created informational materials, assisted with presentations and provided day-to-day support for our non-profit operations.

Student Committees

As part of our effort to reach out to the campus, the Center has supported the formation of the following student committees:

  • Graduate Student Committee to End Violence Against Women
  • International Student Committee
  • Religious Life Committee
  • Actors Against Violence
  • Athlete Committee to End Violence Against Women
  • Sorority Committee
  • Fraternity Committee

The Center also assisted with the launch of Men Against Abuse Now (MAAN; formerly Men Against Violence, or MAV).