Research Articles

Research Articles

Collected Writings on Domestic Violence by Barbara J. Hart, Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse.

A Coordinated Community Response, by Ellen Pence, The National Training Project, Duluth, Minnesota, and Martha McMahon, University of Victoria, January 1997. pdf file, 50 KB

Helping Battered Women and Their Children: A Guide for Domestic Violence Advocates on the Co-Occurrence of Domestic Violence and Child Maltreatment, by Nicole Baran, Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness, and Lauren J. Litton, I.S.P. Consulting, for the St. Louis County Greenbook Initiative, February 2008.

Measuring the Extent of Woman Abuse in Intimate Heterosexual Relationships: A Critique of the Conflict Tactics Scales by Walter S. DeKeseredy and Martin D. Schwartz. Applied Research Forum, National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women, February 1998. pdf file, 56 KB

Organizing College Campuses Against Dating Abuse by Marilyn Best and Debbie Nelson. National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, February 1999. pdf file, 4.2 MB

Promoting Safety and Nonviolence on College and University Campuses: What College and University Campuses Can Do To Make a Difference. Chapter 7, Toolkit To End Violence Against Women. National Advisory Council on Violence Against Women and the Violence Against Women Office. pdf file, 1.9 MB

Sexual Assault on Campus: A Lack of Consequences for Sexual Assault by Kristen Lombardi. The Center for Public Integrity, February, 2010.

Understanding the Complexities of Feminist Perspectives on Woman Abuse: A Commentary on Donald G. Dutton’s Rethinking Domestic Violence by Walter S. DeKeseredy and Molly Dragiewicz. Violence Against Women, Volume 13, Number 8, August 2007. pdf file, 72 KB

What Is Wrong with Mutual Orders of Protection? by Joan Zorza. Domestic Violence Report, 1999.

Alcohol and Sexual Assault: The Connection by Scott Hampton, Ending the Violence.

Why Individual Therapy for Batterers is Problematic

2014 Trafficking in Persons Report, U.S. Department of State.

White House 2014 Task Force Report on Sexual Assault in Universities

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